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Weather and Climate of Patnitop/ in Patnitop

Patnitop is enveloped with a surrounding of trees and lush green valleys. Patnitop is a peaceful and quiet place in this region. It is situated very near about 4 hours from Katra. You can also visit Sanasar which reveals the mystery of Patnitop. It is situated on a higher location. In the meanwhile going towards Sanasar, you can visit Mathatop/Nathatop. Patnitop is 112 kilometers away from Jammu and located at the height of 2024 meters across the Jammu-Srinagar Highway. You may find a nice walkway place over the mountains with a lovely picnic spots all over. Due to astonished weather and climate of Patnitop it is getting popular among one of the major vocational places in northern India. Patnitops major attraction is innate magic, weather, languish forests and fertile green cover.

Patnitop is located with altitudinal variation from 600 m to 3000 m so there is a wide variation of the weather and climate of Patnitop. The temperature lies between 400C to -50C. it is been seen that due altitudinal variation this reduction and increment of temperature in the hills for every 270 meters rise in elevation upto 1500 meters. You may see the fall of temperature goes more sharply further than this altitude. The winter duration is between December to February and you can find monsoons between July to September.Get to know how to reach patnitop

The region gets both benefits of weather either in summers or during winters. The weather and climate of Patnitop experience major rains during January to March winters in the form of snow at higher regions and major precipitation in the lower regions. During the summers i.e. July to September you may find mostly monsoons in the form of the rains.

Comparatively drier months are April to June and September of the year. As the Kashmir valley is chilled and foggy but you can not found these in this Patnitop region. Due to weather and climate of Patnitop, radiation frost is common in this area. Sunny days are hot and transpire often. Due to variety of weather and climate of Patnitop you may rare found the low-rainfall in this area.Visit Patnitop for Paragliding

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